Collection: "Tasteful Nudes" 2024 Nudibranch Calendar + Prints

Fill your 2024 to the naked gills with ya buoy @underwaterpat's 9th annual "Tasteful Nudes" Monterey Bay nudibranch sea slug calendar "Risqué Cerata Sera"! Featuring full-page, safe-for work nudity to satisfy the hunger of anyone looking to feast their eyes on some super slugs.

This year's diamonds in the buff feature 12 nudibranchs from Monterey Bay, all photographed from September 2022 to September 2023 (plus one lost slug from 2020.) And because we love you so much (and the printer needed some extra pages) there are two *bonus* photographed-this-year Atlantic nudes to spice things up in the seabedroom.

Calendars are ordered now and should ship within the next couple weeks!